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Participatory Budgeting


Participatory Budgeting Year Three

How Would You Spend $1 Million in Our Neighborhood?


New York City Council Member Paul A. Vallone is proud to announce year three of Participatory Budgeting (PB) in District 19. Through Participatory Budgeting, residents of the 19th Council District will directly decide how to spend at least $1 million of our district’s capital funds. These funds can be used for improvements to schools, streets, parks and other community spaces.
Participatory Budgeting in year two (2015-2016) was an incredible success. There were over 4,500 votes cast throughout District 19, the largest turnout in all of Queens! Due to the overwhelming turnout, our office allocated $2.25 million, fourth largest amount in all of NYC, to the top five most voted projects. We want to thank all voters who took the time to cast their ballots. The following projects won last cycle:
Bayside High School Music Educational Complex (Phase Three) – 1144 total votes
J.H.S. 194 Auditorium Upgrade – 1085 total votes
P.S. 193 Auditorium Upgrade – 1059 total votes
P.S. 79 Gymnasium Upgrade – 1025 total votes
Pedestrian Safety Sidewalk and Guardrail at Harvey Park – 987 total votes

As we restart this process for year three, we encourage all district residents to come together at the upcoming neighborhood assemblies (listed below), to discuss local needs and brainstorm ways to address them. As we did in years one and two, volunteers will develop these ideas into concrete proposals, then from March 25 to April 2, a public vote will be held to determine which projects will be funded. We encourage anyone who has a vested interest in District 19 to get involved with this year’s cycle of Participatory Budgeting. Our 2015-2016 ballot was created entirely by community volunteers serving as budget delegates. The more people who get involved, the more input we will have to create an even greater list of projects in coming years.

We invite you to join us at any of the four neighborhood assemblies on the above dates.

At these neighborhood assemblies, community members will team up with neighbors to learn about participatory budgeting and propose project ideas for how $1 million in capital funding should be spent. Additionally, our office will be asking participants to volunteer to work as budget delegates to make their ideas become reality! Budget delegates will review community needs and ideas from across the district and develop project proposals with help from city experts.

We encourage anyone interested in submitting a project idea to come to one of the neighborhood assemblies or do so on the Council’s interactive Participatory Budgeting Map. The interactive map allows you to submit project ideas as well as review what projects are being proposed throughout New York City. The map can be found by clicking on the link below:

Participatory Budgeting Project Idea Interactive Map

If you have questions in regard to the Participatory Budgeting, the upcoming meetings or how to get involved with the project, please contact Vito Tautonico at 718-619-8611 or e-mail at We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming neighborhood assemblies!