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COBA President Norman Seabrook Proudly Announces COBA’s Endorsement of Paul Vallone for City Council

New York, May 30, 2013 — Norman Seabrook, President of the New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association (COBA), the second-largest law enforcement union in New York, has today announced that the union will throw its support behind Paul Vallone for City Council in a competitive race to succeed Council Member Daniel Halloran in the 19th Council District in Queens. With over 15,000 active and retired Correction Officers, COBA has proven itself as one of the most politically influential unions in the City of New York helping to elect Michael Bloomberg Mayor in 2001, electing George Pataki Governor in 1998, and becoming the first union outside of Illinois to elect Barack Obama President of the United States.

“I believe the City Council needs to reflect the voices of the middle class on Main Street which are increasingly under attack by big business on Wall Street,” said COBA President Norman Seabrook. “Paul Vallone will fight vigorously to improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers and he can be trusted to maintain public safety and ensure our law enforcement officers, especially Correction Officers, have the resources they need to maintain care, custody, and control of the second-largest jail system in the nation.  We are proud to endorse Paul and moving forward, we will be out there on the campaign trail supporting him, just as vigorously as we have supported other candidates for office at city, state, and federal races.”

Paul Vallone said, “Receiving this prestigious endorsement from COBA President Norman Seabrook and an organization such as the COBA is a tremendous honor for me.  Safety is at the forefront of my priorities and it is one of the most pressing concerns for members of my district. I look forward to working with COBA to ensure our streets and our communities remain safe and secure.”

See Press Release @ COBA Website