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‘School Slow Zone’ enacted near two Flushing schools where students were struck by a car

After two students were struck by a car outside of a school in Flushing recently, the city is creating a special safety zone where drivers will need to reduce their speed.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) agreed to establish a “School Slow Zone” along 149th Street between Willets Point Boulevard and 28th Avenue by the end of the month, which will decrease the speed limit from 25 mph to 20. DOT will also install additional safety measures, which could include flashing speed signs, enhanced crosswalks and speed bumps.

The improvements were the result of meetings the DOT had with Councilman Paul Vallone, and principals of J.H.S. 185 and P.S. 21.

“Working with both principals and the DOT has been critical in identifying and implementing positive changes that will improve the overall safety for students and residents of the surrounding area,” said Councilman Vallone. “The safety of our kids always comes first and I applaud the DOT for their responsiveness to the concerns of the teachers and parents of the thousands of students who attend these schools.”

Vallone and school officials have also written to DOT in support of additional traffic measures, including street directional changes at 25th Drive and 27th Avenue.

“I would like to commend the individuals who have been working with us to try and secure the safety of almost 3500 students in a small, four-block radius,” said Theresa Mshar, principal of J.H.S. 185. “The proposed changes will assist us in making the area less dangerous for the students. What we do at J.H.S. 185 has much impact on the surrounding community as well as our feeder school, P.S. 21.”

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