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Slippery Condition At Bayside LIRR Cleared Up

In the aftermath of Winter Storm Juno and Monday morning’s snowfall, many commuters in Bayside prepared to brace themselves, quite literally, for what is commonly a dangerous and slippery condition in the area around theBayside Long Island Rail Road station. As brought up by many residents, the sidewalks and stairs owned by the Department of Transportation (DOT) are often left unshoveled, creating a hazard for commuters. However, thanks to the city Department of Sanitation (DSNY), the area has been shoveled and cleared, protecting the safety of passengers making their winter commute.

“City-owned sidewalks shouldn’t become ‘slip and slides’ for local residents during snowstorms,” stated Councilmember Paul Vallone. “Not only did the Department of Sanitation do an amazing job throughout the city during this storm, but they went above and beyond to ensure our local residents have a safe commute.”

“The clearing of snow from city-owned property for safe access to the LIRR is an issue we discussed with DOT and DSNY in advance of the winter to ensure that the job is done,” said Susan Seinfeld, district manager of Community Board 11. “Thank you to the hard workers at DSNY for all you do.”

“Sanitation is not only concerned with providing a clean and healthy New York Citybut a safe one too, especially during winter,” said Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia. “We are happy to assist other city agencies in clearing snow whenever possible so that pedestrians can walk safely as they commute to home and work.”

Going forward, Community Board 11 and Vallone’s office will work with the DOT and DSNY to ensure the area is able to be cleared consistently after all future snow storms.

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