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Vallone Announces Douglas Manor Street Resurfacing Ahead of Schedule


Originally planned for March 2019, Council Member Vallone announced that the Department of Transportation (DOT) will be repaving a large number of roads in Douglas Manor this fall. Council Member Vallone has long advocated for expediting the repaving of the roads in this community, many of which have remained in deplorable conditions for years. Due to the extent of the work needed, in 2015, Council Member Vallone called on the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to allocate funding for this project in the City’s budget. After conversations with the DOT, a multi-year phased plan was developed to resurface streets throughout Douglas Manor.

In 2016, the DOT repaved the entire lengths of West Drive, East Drive and Center Drive, major arteries which run north to south along the length of Douglas Manor. Beginning next week, the DOT will repave the entire lengths of Beverly Road, Grosvenor Street, Warwick Avenue, Richmond Road, Knollwood Avenue, Kenmore Road, and Bayview Avenue which run east to west through the neighborhood. A large section of Douglas Road will also be repaved. 

“I thank Commissioner Garcia for initiating this project before the start of the winter season,” said Council Member Paul Vallone. “We have taken great strides towards addressing the street conditions that plague this neighborhood and will soon be one step closer to a complete renewal of the streets in Douglas Manor that have not seen repair for decades.”

In a letter to Council Member Vallone, the DOT stated, “We appreciate your support and continued partnership to deliver safer, smoother streets for your constituents. We will be sure to keep you updated on this work and look forward to working with you and the Douglas Manor community on the future streets to be paved next year.”

“As the acting president of Douglas Manor Association and on behalf of 595 families living in the area, we are delighted to hear this great news,” said Becky Moraveck. “We appreciate and thank Council Member Paul Vallone for pushing this project forward.”