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Vallone Bill Calls For 911 Info Card

In another proposal to improve the city’s 911 emergency response system, Councilmember Paul Vallone has introduced legislation calling for the creation of a 911 Information Card which would enable a caller “to properly and efficiently relay emergency information”.

Under Vallone’s proposal, once the card is authorized and created, one would be sent to each household in the city. Vallone (D–Bayside) explained:

“Now on one card and in one place, a family will be able to locate and provide the necessary and critical information needed during an emergency.”

Continuing, Vallone points out, “Under the stress of an emergency situation, callers and dispatchers struggle with confusion and miscommunication, which has led to delayed response times when responding to an emergency. Most recently, a Queens fire killed two four-year-old children and injured three others when too much time elapsed between the 911 call and when an ambulance arrived at the location.”

The lawmaker further explained, “By providing New Yorkers with a simple 911 information card, in case of an emergency, a caller will be able to properly and efficiently relay emergency information. We are taking a step towards improving the process that we all rely on to protect and save us.

“If we can provide recycling information to our residents, we most certainly can provide this safety notice. Lastly, not everyone in a household, such as visitors, elderly or health aides, may know the proper address, contact information or cross streets to that residence. This information card will keep all of that information in a quick and handy location.

See full article at Queens Gazette.