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Vallone Holds Korean Community Leaders Roundtable

On March 27, Council Member Paul Vallone held his first roundtable meeting with community and business leaders from the Korean American community. Each representative took a moment to introduce themselves, describe their organization, and speak about the issues and concerns affecting their organization.

“I would like to thank everyone who attended this roundtable meeting,” said Vallone. “Our group will continue to expand and meet on a regular basis so that we can continue working hand in hand. The combined knowledge, experience, and passion expressed by all of the leaders present today will benefit not just the Korean American community, but the entire district.”

“I am thankful that Councilmember Vallone has made continued efforts to include the Korean American community and understands the important role our organizations play in providing representation and services to everyone in our community,” said Kwang S. Kim, president of Korean Community Services of Metropolitan NY.

Vallone has consistently sought to bridge the Korean American community in order to further expand their cultural and economic contributions. He has also worked on and supported legislation important to the Korean American community, such as calling for the recognition of Asian Lunar New Year as a major legal holiday, and calling on New York state to require textbooks to refer to the Sea of Japan as the East Sea.

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