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Vallone hosts street co-naming ceremony for teacher who was like Ms. Frizzle from ‘Magic School Bus’

She turned every day into a real-life “Magic School Bus” ride.

Geri Cilmi, a beloved Bayside science teacher — often compared to Ms. Frizzle from the fictional “Magic School Bus” book series — will be honored Friday with a street renaming three years after her death from colon cancer.

“Her whole classroom was like this glorious rainforest,” said Mary Bow, 53, a parent coordinator at PS 41, where Cilmi taught for decades. “There were vines and plants, turtles and animals. Everything was growing and thriving, including the kids.”

Since 1967, the educator had been a “life force” at the school, turning everything into a science lesson, teachers said.

“She would see an earthworm and do a 10-minute lesson on the chambers of its heart, how important it was, how it wasn’t yucky, how it was something to be treasured,” said second grade teacher Diane DiBlasi.

Councilman Paul Vallone and dozens of Cilmi’s former students will unveil the new “Mrs. Geri Cilmi Place” street sign Friday to replace 214th Ln. by the school.

“People say no one is that good,” DiBlasi said. “She was.”

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